David Kidd-Hewitt is a criminologist and author who will take you on real explorations of actual supernatural, spooky happenings as well as to the heart of the stark realities of true-crime in the form of wicked murders and deadly deeds.*

Just published (December 2016) is David Kidd-Hewitt’s new and exciting historical fiction adventure set in 1820’s Georgian London called, The Cato Conundrum.
Authentically set in the bawdy and raucous City of London in 1822, it is an exciting and compelling adventure story, the like of which has never been told before where daring ‘dark arts’ collide with political intrigue, sexual encounters and the most heinous conspiracy imaginable: Here’s a link  so you can find out more, plus a free preview option of the first thirty-eight pages

His mystery and murder series (four books) commissioned by Countryside Books, include a number of dramatic, unsolved murders that are still on the cold case police files – maybe you can assist in solving them!  Moving on from wicked deeds to heroic ones, another book, Buckinghamshire Heroes, explores the little known side to world famous children’s author, Road Dahl, (see BBC link below),  as well as nine other stories about people you’ll love to learn more about, such as actor Geoffrey Palmer (Lionel Hardcastle in As Time Goes By); Florence Nightingale and her work with Dr.George De’ath; and the heroes of war-time Bletchley Park plus many more, including Amazing Grace composer, John Newton.


As a professional criminologist, David qualified at London University and has also been a Visiting Scholar at City University, London England.  He is an alumnus of Bedford College, London as well as an associate alumnus of Oxford University, where he studied local history. Because of this solid research background, his writing specializes in real locations, events that actually happened and characters that really existed so you can track, trace and even visit all the places of intrigue and excitement if the fancy takes you.

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